Meet the man, Mr Faisu, the fashionista

Faisu: A man with great taste in fashion

Fashion is the utmost fascination of today’s world. We all love fashion and their masters! Talking of Fashion, we can’t deny some of our recent stars, viable through different OTT platforms. One of such is Mr Faisu, also known as Faisal Sheikh.

Faisal Sheikh, the founder of team 07, has wowed us with his TikTok chronicles, his videos are famous for his social welfare messages. Besides his splendid acting skills, he is also a fashion blogger and a fitness freak. He has given some of the best fitness goals to his fans. His constant urge to entertain his fans is what made him famous amongst the nation’s youth. His unique fashion choices, from prints to casuals, to very formal, all look best on him. Girls love him for his wind-swept hairstyle, his hot body, suits him in every diversified vogue pattern.

Here are some of his best vogue impressions!

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