Check to see how these three debonair are keeping it perfect in those photoshoots

Faisu, Riyaz Aly And Awez Darbar’s Western Outfit Ideas for Every Boy to Ace Up the Photoshoots!

Faisu aka Faisal Sheikh, the founder of team 07, he is a TikTok star, he is a great actor, fashion blogger and a model too. Faisal Sheikh has earned a million hearts over these years. He is more popular for his style and fashion; his unique wind-swept hairstyle makes him look more charming and handsome!

Riyaz Aly, the top guy on TikTok, he has owned over 30million followers on the platform. He is adored by the young females of the country. His music videos are a delight to watch every day, his grand fashion quotient is absolutely irresistible!

Awez Darbar, he is a great dancer and a celebrated choreographer in the B-town, he has collaborated with different Bollywood stars on TikTok. His innovative combinations to music are what we love him for! We wish him more success in the long run!

Here are the pics, that shall teach you how to look best in front of the camera!

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