Ripped jeans are all in fashion, let’s check how the trinity is killing it

Faisu Vs Riyaz Aly Vs Siddharth Nigam: Who Carried ripped denim jeans better?

Ripped jeans signify danger, for every Indian, brown kid, who are destined to parents, who are included as to be the senior citizen of the society! Like yeah, they have no idea what ripped jeans are about, and how it includes the latest fashion and gives a certain style statement! But it’s good for the Youngsters, Ripped jeans are all in fashion, and we all know, despite all the curse words, we are still on it;

In recent times, we caught our most handsome boys, Faisu, Riyaz, Siddharth in action with their favourite pair of ripped jeans, all of them looking so darn hot in those ripped denim jeans! To start with denim is already the classic hue to wear, and then ripped, that rakish shabby look is what one could bite the dust for! Be it, men or women, all look so sassy and cool in those jeans with a white t-shirt on!

Here are our three stars to follow in denim ripped! Check them out!

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