Read to know about Prajakta Koli’s style secrets

Prajakta Koli and her sense of style REVEALED

We all know the MostlySane! The cutest Indian YouTuber, who is funny, stylish and beautiful. Prajakta Koli, the infamous comedy sketcher on YouTuber who is known for her dynamic and versatile content. MostlySane has won hearts crazily, amongst the youngsters and millennials.

MostlySane began her YouTube career in the year 2015, but before that, she worked at Fever 104 FM as an intern. Koli has collaborated with several Bollywood stars like Kajol, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan and others, she has also collaborated with famous YouTubers including Lilly Singh, famously known as SuperWoman, BB and Ashish Chanchlani. She has also worked with Girlyapa in a web series, P.A Gals.

Prajakta is immensely talented, no doubt, but she is also fashion buff. Prajakta loves fashion. She is adored for her cute looks and smile. She chooses her outfits aptly, knows what shall suit her the most. We love her to the core and wish her all the best.

Here we have lined up some of her best fashion impressions, which shall let you learn her style secrets. Check them out and let us know your takeaway.

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