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Why We Can’t Stop Gushing About Carryminati

All The Reasons To Love Carryminati

A young teenager started his own YouTube channel in the year 2014. His name was Ajey Nagar and he did this to flaunt his amazing gaming skills at games like Counter Strike. However, a few years later, his YoutTube channel was called Carryminati and we have only seen him soar to greater heights since then. The YouTube star is loved by many throughout the nation due to the content he makes.

On his channel, Ajey talks about trending topics that need to be brought into light or simply to express his views on them. The star stands out from the crowd of various other youtubers, mainly due to his pattern of presenting those topics. The star uses satire and comedy as a way of getting his point through to people’s minds. Another reason why most of the country loves him is because he breaks the language barrier for those who aren’t fluent in the English language. A big part of the country is not very well versed with the English language. But the entire nation knows and understands Hindi well. Hence, when Ajey presents his topic in Hindi, he is understood by all and hence manages to get his point through to more people. This leads to a large number of our population not missing out on the fun and hence supporting and loving him more. The youtuber also makes sure to talk about topics everyone is familiar with, so it is a lot more relatable like the PPAP video or Dhinchak Pooja’s songs.

We hope to see Carryminati soaring to even greater heights in the many years to come. Stay tuned with us for more such updates on your favourite celebs.

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