Get inspired by Faisu and Awez, and wrap up yourself with casual style

Steal the Boy-Next-Door Vibe from Faisu and Awez Darbar’s Casual Style!

Faisal Sheikh and Awez Darbar, both are famous amongst the youth of the nation. They are the new age stars, thriving with millions of followers on TikTok and other social media profiles.

Faisal Sheikh aka Mr Faisu, the founder of team 07, is a well-known TikTok star, who has a whopping 26million followers on TikTok is also a fashion blogger, loved for his wind-swept hairstyle. Faisu has always set up a goal for the youth of the nation, he is a true inspiration, he is tremendously hardworking and has great fashion quotient. Recently we spotted Mr Faisu in regular casual style, and he is looking the coolest dude ever!

Awez Darbar, the famous dancer, who is adored by the country for his amazing dance chronicles, is also a famous choreographer amongst the dancer community, his collaboration with Buzzfeed India revealed what kind of labour and effort he puts into a single video. Not just that, his fashion quotient is always on top of the trend book. Recently we spotted Awez Darbar in his usual best casuals, and he looks absolutely like the street style Boss!

Here are the pics, check and let us know your takeaway!

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