Sumeet Vyas is an Indian actor and writer of films and web series. Vyas made his TV debut in Doordarshan and later on did many movies. A young actor, he is slaying in the digital world. Jitendra Kumar, on the other hand, is an amazing actor and famous for his roles in comedy sketches of the Viral Fever.

Sumeet and Jitendra both are popular in the digital world and increasing their fan list. They are the ones who are fully dedicated to their work and are ruling the hearts of fans. Sumeet and Jitendra both are different personalities and they are immensely talented. They are idols for many youngsters who want to make a career in the digital world.

These two actors were part of “Permanent Roommates” and after that people have been showering their love towards these actors. Both of them are stunning in their own space and are famous because of their acting and hard work.

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