Gaurav Gera-Prajakta Koli hilariously parody ‘Gajab Ka Hai Yeh Din’

The best ever parody by Gaurav Gera and Prajakta Koli

Gaurav Gera-Prajakta Koli hilariously parody ‘Gajab Ka Hai Yeh Din’

Bollywood and love songs go hand in hand. ‘Gazab Ka Hai Yeh Din’ still one the popular romantic track from the movie Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. Youtube sensation, Prajakta Koli, famously known as mostly sane and Gaurav Gera (shopkeeper) create a hilariously witty parody of ‘Gajab Ka Hai Yeh Din’ in association with One Digital Entertainment, India’s leading content creator network. By their witty dance steps and funny situations, the video is going to make you laugh to bits.

Commenting on this concept, Gaurav Gera says “It was lovely to collaborate with Prajakta in association with One Digital Entertainment. She is a warm, friendly person, mad fun to be around her. This the second collaboration I’ve done with her and it was a pleasure yet again. We shot at lovely YouTube Space exploiting all the available locations to make a colourful fun video, hope people will really like it.”

Adding to that, Prajakta Koli says, ”Given my obsession with Bollywood I wanted to create a MostlySane rendition of Gazab Ka Hai Din one of my all time favourite romantic songs. When the idea of making the video in collaboration with another artist presented itself, Gaurav Gera was the first creator I thought of. What I liked the most about him was that he gave so many inputs while we were brainstorming ideas for the concept. And then came the most challenging parts – recording, shooting and editing. That’s where One Digital Entertainment stepped in; if it wasn’t for them the idea would’ve remained an idea.” 

If you haven’t watched it yet, tune into the official YouTube channel of Mostly Sane aka Prajakta Koli and catch it soon! 

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