Girliyapa has released its brand new video ‘Love Is Love’, aiming to start a conversation around changing the way Indian families react to their loved ones coming out of the closet. Starring renowned actors Nidhi Singh, Jitendra Kumar, Gajraj Rao and Vibha Chibber, the new video has been made with YouTube’s Creators For Change, taking on the conversations around homosexuality in an average Indian family.

The video can be viewed here:

Nidhi Bisht, Creative Head, Girliyapa said, “We made a short film about love. It’s the story of a girl coming out to her parents. This was conceptualized and written months before the verdict, since we hoped for a verdict in favor of the LGBTQ community. As content creators, we felt it was our responsibility and privilege to use this platform to raise awareness on this topic.”

Tracy D’Souza, Channel Head, Girliyapa said, “Made with YouTube creators for change, ‘Love Is Love’ is aimed at starting a conversation about homosexuality in Indian families. YouTube recognizes the fact that we all have the power to help create the world we want, irrespective of the kind of videos we make, which is what we aim to do with this video.”

Pooja Nair, Digital Content Editor, Gaysi Family commented, “Girliyapa has made this wonderfully sweet film on a woman coming out to her parents. We absolutely love all the topics this video has managed to touch. Watch it, talk to us about it and take the conversation ahead”. 

Love is Love shows Nidhi Singh as Ananya, coming out of the cocoon, and mustering the courage to tell her family that she likes girls. How her parents subtly change their stance and her brother’s surprising indifference towards to her being a lesbian, is surely priceless to watch. Indian society has come a long way and this video beautifully shows a family at the cusp of change, moving towards acceptance with open arms.