Read to know if Sacred Games 3 will be hit or flop

Sacred Games 3: HIT Or FLOP?

Sacred Games is one of the most-watched crime-based web series in India. It is absolutely intriguing to watch and it’s fair to call it as a masterpiece, till date. Both the seasons kept the same suspense and mystery to move on. Every episode gave a new twist and a new direction to the story, in short, we loved the series.

With that, Sacred Games 2, which ended with a baffling cliffhanger, has made the Indian audience extremely keen and charged to know what happened after the screen went black. And since then, Sacred Games 3 is, therefore, has been on top of the search trend on Google. The release date hasn’t been announced yet, but when it does, it will never go a flop! Because we have been waiting for this to happen for days! We hope it gets aired soon on Netflix!

Here are the trailers of Season 1 and 2, watch them out, and if you haven’t yet watched the series, then watch it asap!


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