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Sacred Games 3: All You Need to Know About Cast Details and Release Date

Netflix has been the most subscribed platform by the millennials of the country. Amusing us with a handful of grand web series, the story of Netflix has been quite successful in India. Talking of Netflix, we can’t deny the hype it had gotten for the series Sacred Games, the series has been termed as a grand one by the viewers.

Sacred Games has been a complete muse to watch, with the sequential dilemma of Sartaj Singh and Gaitonde’s flashback, the series has hit us hard. The series has been a satirical story concerning religion and devotion, that often lead us to the destruction of oneself. All the SG fans are still waiting for the season 3 to be released, as season 2 has yet not unfolded the whole story, with the electrifying cliff-hanger, the series has gotten 8.7/10 ratings as per IMDb.

As per media reports Sacred Games 3 was slated to release in September 2020, but with the global strike, it seems to be impossible. So, there’s no news of it to release anytime soon. But if it does, you might watch the biggest amalgamation of the two stories, one of Sartaj and other Gaitonde. We hope it releases soon; and yes, we can’t really wait!!

But what do you think? Let us know in the comments below of your expectations.

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