Anushka Sen and Mahendra Singh Dhoni are two highly acclaimed names from India who have gained worldwide recognition. They are considered the biggest names in their respective fields and have a massive fan following among the masses. Anushka, at the young age of 21, has been appointed as the Honorary Ambassador of Korea, expanding her global reach and establishing herself as a distinguished global star of India. Meanwhile, Dhoni is considered the greatest of all time when it comes to cricket.

In a recent interview, the actress shared details about her first meeting with Mahendra Singh and the common connection between the two. Anushka said, “I went and met with him, and he was like, So where are you from? I’m from Ranchi. You are also from Ranchi, right? And that created like the first bond and we were like ‘Yeah! Go Ranchi! Go Ranchi! Go, Jharkhand!”

Sen, who shot around 13-14 advertisements in a span of 7 years with Dhoni, also added, “Honestly it still feels like a dream. It felt like a hallucination because Dhoni was the opposite of what people thought a celebrity would be. He was so sweet not only to me. The best part about him is that he treats everybody with respect, with equal respect. Doesn’t matter if you are somebody working behind the camera or if you are an actor.”

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She described that the cricketer was polite towards everyone on the set. Additionally, she said, “He has taken pictures with my parents and you know he has spoken to them that, Oh your daughter is so lovely!” She describes how he used to wait after pack-up to let everyone click photos with him. Her bond with MS Dhoni was so intense that she started calling him ‘Chachu.’ The actress also mentioned that her father still refers to Mahendra Singh Dhoni when it comes to instilling calm and down-to-earth behavior.

On the work front, fans and audiences are eagerly anticipating the release of her Korean project titled ‘Asia.’ In addition to that, the actress is currently shooting for something equally exciting. It seems like she has some of the biggest surprises lined up for this year and we are eager to know more about it. Recently, Sen was invited by the United Nations to perform at COP28 in the UAE, making her the only Indian to have performed on the stage for a global cause.