Sacred Games and Mirzapur are two of the web series that have made all the web series lovers go gaga over. Both the series have gotten severe fame and popularity in the country and all over the world.

Sacred Games has been one of the top watched series in the nation. The arrangement has earned a different fanbase out and out for its terrific plot and story. Besides, the association between the scenes and characters has been terrific and has thrilled the viewers to the core.

Mirzapur’s plots have wowed us to the core, the series has thrilled us with the grand dialogues and scenes. It is one of the best crime-based web series on Amazon Prime. The series has recently released the trailer of its second season. Here is the trailer!

Talking about that, it is no news that how wonderfully the web series made a great impact on our lives. Not just great thrilling dialogues but also both the series have given us some of the greatest life lessons. Here we have lined up the scenes that would give you the best of life lessons! Check out.


1.  Respect that comes from fear doesn’t last long.

4 Life Lessons We Can All Learn from Sacred Games and Mirzapur 5

2. Never become friends with your enemy, because once an enemy will always be an enemy

4 Life Lessons We Can All Learn from Sacred Games and Mirzapur 6

Sacred Games

1. No one can win over Life or its unprecedented Vicissitudes!

2. Courage matters more than your bank balance!