Baap Bijli Aur Bill Ft. Shahid Kapoor Vs Yaar Vs Pyaar Ft. Kartik Aaryan & Nushrat Bharucha: Rate The Best Ashish Chanchlani's Video? | IWMBuzz

Baap Bijli Aur Bill vs Yaar Vs Pyaar, which do you feel is the best?

Baap Bijli Aur Bill Ft. Shahid Kapoor Vs Yaar Vs Pyaar Ft. Kartik Aaryan & Nushrat Bharucha: Rate The Best Ashish Chanchlani’s Video?

Ashish has given us hearty laughter every time with his content. He is one of the dominant YouTube stars, who is famous for his slapstick comedy and versatile characters played at a single hand! It is not even remotely smooth to make that immediate shift to roles, it is absolutely mesmerising to watch, but it takes a lot of time and proficiency to make those.

It is no secret that Ashish is gaining popularity every day, he has already collaborated with some of the biggest Bollywood stars, like Shahid Kapoor, Akshay Kumar and others. His content is loved by the youth that led to his huge fan following. Ashish’s slapstick comedy is easier to interpret. People are fond of easy and smooth content. Not everyone is Shakespeare, Ashish indeed has the high intellect to break it down to his subscribers so that they don’t feel that the script is going all over their head. Ashish’s use of colloquial language has helped him to earn love and adoration nationwide. His language implies that he is for everyone. No one can deny his videos or content. Ashish is relatable, his journey as an engineer has been hectic and his public disclosure about his struggle with his career choices and usual fights with his parents about it has become relevant to the youth. The youth could completely relate to his situation and therefore he gained gradual support from the youngsters.

His recent videos Baap Bijli Aur Bill, where he collaborated with Shahid Kapoor, has got quite a huge amount of views. The video suggests how the youth encounters the daily conflict with their fathers or mothers at their home when they deliberately keep the power on all the time. The video was a roast of the poor son, Shahid Kapoor, who was continuously humiliated by his dad, Ashish Chanchlani.

Yaar Vs Pyaar, where Chanchlani collaborated with Kartik and Nusrat, that exemplifies the usual chaos that occurs in between our friends but happens the exact opposite when it is your babe! It has got over 22million views and went on trending after it was uploaded.

Here are both videos, check and let us know which you feel is the best?

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