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Mr. Faisu and his team are one of the most famous Tik Tok personalities on the app having over 21 million audiences from India alone.

The best of Team 07 on Tik Tok

Faisu’s team of friends consists of four other members besides him named Hasnain, Adnaan Shaikh, Faiz, and Shadan Farooqui. The entire team features their videos on short real-time videos on the Tiktok app with the ID of Team 07.
The videos of the team consist of mimicry, singing, lips synchronization and dancing on various comic dialogues and famous songs.

Mr. Faisu and his team 07 are extremely popular and have a crazy fan following on the app. All the five boys come from a small suburb of Mumbai and they have been ruling the heart of their audiences with their videos.

The best of Team 07 on Tik Tok 1

All the videos have liked a lot by their fans. And the last in which they catch up with the controversies make them notorious as they were found guilty of promoting communal content through their videos which are not expected out of videos meant for entertainment purposes. So the team’s and it’s lead actor’s account has been suspended.
But they find eagerly waiting for their new videos on other social media handles.

​Team 07 posted their patriotic display by sharing a picture of them holding the Indian National Flag high with a lot of respect, dignity, and reverence on the occasion of Independence day.

Later, Team 07 shared and some videos on their Instagram in which the gang was seen enjoying in a club, dancing, singing and having a fun time together.

Shaikh Mudassir Faisal, better known as Mr. Faisu on social media, is the most followed Indian on TikTok, with an audience of over 21 million. He is loved for his cute looks and adorable smile. His acting skills have won him millions of followers on TikTok and Instagram both.

Of the last, the team posted their new project, a music video on Instagram in which the gang was seen enjoying a lot in the streets of Dubai.

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