Prove that you are “The Fan” of Four More Shots Please

Are You A Big Four More Shots Please Fan: Take A Quiz?

End the Battle, already! We all love this web series portraying the story of four friends, and are already fascinating how we can plan our lives in the same way! Isn’t it? But how to prove that you are a bigger fan of Four More Shots Please? Well, here we are then! Bottled up some tricky questions that speak of the insides of the story!

  1. What is the bottom line of the episode “Reality Bites”?
  2. How the four friends broke up?
  3. Where did they gather together again?
  4. Whom did Siddhi Patel call at first, while she walking on the bridge, at Istanbul?
  5. How much did Siddhi Patel pay to the gigolo?

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