Who according to you is the biggest star - Faisu Vs Amit Bhadana?

Faisu Vs Amit Bhadana: The Bigger Star

YouTube and TikTok have taken off really quick and many people from the younger generation have been pursuing YouTube as a real career. YouTube and TikTok are the new hot and so are YouTuber Amit Bhadana and TikTok star Faisu.

Amit Bhadana is an unassuming person in real life, but transforms into a powerhouse performer in the hilarious videos he uploads on his YouTube channel. What is unique about Amit’s content is that he creates videos in the colloquial Gujari language, rather than the more conventional Hindi or English.

On the other hand, Faisu is a popular superstar on TikTok and is also a well-known model and fashion blogger. He has gathered 21 million-plus followers on TikTok. He’s even been named in the top 10 TikTokers across the world

Who according to you is the biggest star?

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