Check to see Mr Faisu’s most viewed songs

Faisu’s Most Viewed Songs Playlist!

Mr Faisu has been one of the colossal TikTok fame to earn the foothold as an artist in the country. But not just an artist, but a versatile one! We loved watching his videos on TikTok and now on Instagram reels. But with that, he has given us some of the best hit songs back to back. Which have become our regular playlist and have gotten the maximum number of views.

And today, we at IWMBuzz, we are up with some of the best Faisu’s songs that have gotten the maximum number of views. Check them out below.

1. Fruity Lagdi Hai

The music video has gotten a great amount of roar amongst the fans. The video recently hit 100million views, which is a proof, that how the song has been liked by many! Not just Faisu and Jannat, Ramji Gulati also got quite a hype with his wonderful creations as well.

2. Tere Bin Kive

Another song that featured the most adored couple, Mr Faisu and Jannat Zubair. The music video has gotten more than 12million views so far now. The song has been included as one of Ramji Gulati’s best creations. Let us know of your views on the song as well.

3. Nazar Na Lag Jaye

This song is one of most listened songs, and perfect for those who value their friends. The video featured the whole team 07, who has been considered as an ideal for their bond and friendship. Hear it out, and let us know if you went nostalgic and missed your friends!

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