Read to get inspired by Mirzapur and Sacred Games dialogues!

Mirzapur And Sacred Games Dialogues That Will Keep You INSPIRED!

To get inspired is a daily drill for us now. Especially with the ongoing pandemic that’s how we can actually lead to salvation. And speaking of the pandemic, it is no news that the world is under a severe house arrest, and the only thing we are left with is our beloved laptop! Since, the lockdown, our only companion has been Amazon Prime, Netflix and the web series. And talking of web series, we can’t forget how exemplary Sacred Games and Mirzapur were and how they grasped all our thoughts and minds.

Talking of that, it is of no immense surprise that how the plot, the story and the script made an effect in our daily lives. Especially the viscera hitting dialogues. The dialogues have made us so intrigued and so much energetic.

And today, we are up with some of the best dialogues from the series that could be your daily dose of inspiration.


“Darr ki yahi dikkat hai, ki kabhi bhi khatam ho sakta hai.”

“Neta banna hai toh gundey paalo. gundey mat bano”

“Zindagi ho toh aisi ho, Zinda toh jh***t ke baal bhi hain.” 

Sacred Games

“Tum Mardon Ko Aisa Kyun Lagta Hai Ki Har Aurat Ko Tumhe Hi Bachana Hai?”

” Agar Mard Field Pe Kaam Karna Chahe Toh Passion, Aur Aurat Karna Chahe Toh Bhoot?”

 “Bhagwan ko maante ho? Bhagwan ko l*nd farak nahi padta.”


Here are the trailers of the two. Watch them and let us know what are your favourite dialogues from the series in the comments below.




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