Let’s find out which one is your favourite Amazon Prime series, Mirzapur or Criminal Justice

Mirzapur Vs Criminal Justice: Which is Your Favourite Web Series?

Mirzapur and Criminal Justice, both the series have gotten real hype with time, based out on crime and turmoil, the series has been the most-watched by the youth of the country. Moreover, we were super excited with Pankaj Tripathi’s grand execution in both the series. The stories have been so engaging and endearing.

Mirzapur, the story is extremely over-occupying to the core, the story is temped up with the wedding massacre and therefore led to the ultimate mafia war. The series has been primarily shot at Mirzapur itself. The best thing about the series is its realistic attributes and approach altogether. Keeping the real linguistics and dialect, every characterisation in the series has thrilled us to the nerves! If you haven’t watched it yet, do watch it and come back with your views in the comments below. For starters, here is the trailer.

Criminal Justice, the series is based on the story, Criminal Justice by Peter Moffat. The series has given us a lot of suspense to break through the plot and the scenes. The series starred Vikrant Massey as Aditya, Pankaj Tripathi as Madhav Mishra, Jackie Shroff who happened to be Aditya’s cellmate. The series follows the protagonist, Aditya who happened to be accused of a murder that he didn’t do. The series is quite thrilling to watch and engaging too. If you haven’t watched the series yet, do it asap! Here is the trailer.

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