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Mental hood is Alt Balaji's recently announce new web series which would revolve around the concept of motherhood as its storyline.

Reasons why Alt Balaji’s Mental hood has us all excited

The show will portray how raising kids is an art. Directed by Karishma Kohli, it is the series in which you will witness Karishma Kapoor’s re-entry onscreen after a long gap and debut on a digital screen as Meira Sharma, who plays the character of mum who is perturbed by her kids.

The show will revolve around different kind of mothers and the role they play in upbringing their kids. While some are protective as tigress protecting their cubs’ others are quite easy-going.
The show would be showcasing how mothers start nurturing unreasonably expectations and become eccentric in raising their children. Multitasking becomes the talent of every mother. Motherhood itself brings in constant worrying and at times guilt feeling regarding upbringing kids to become the best, financially and emotionally balanced, seeps in just in case the mother fails to do the same.

Reasons why Alt Balaji's Mental hood has us all excited 1

The veteran actor Karishma Kapoor, who has a list of hit Bollywood movies in her kitty, has joined the league of promising actors that brings in the freshness to the concept of life. As she is the mother of two in her real life, portraying the character onscreen is not at all tough to her. In the series, Karishma is playing Meira who is a mother and lives in a small town. In her attempt to be like Mumbai mums, she tries to strike the right balance between her various roles of daily life and this becomes the tricky part in the series.

Karishma Kapoor can be quoted as being quite enthusiastic after hearing the script that sounds to be like her real life.

Reasons why Alt Balaji's Mental hood has us all excited

As a single mother, she is very strong herself and is the right choice for portraying the character of today’s mother. As Karishma said, both the pair of young parents as well as the old parents will identify with Mental hood characters. As the series is expected to be released this year mother maniacs would be a sure-shot watch for audiences who like watching pure entertainment with no obscenity or double meaning jokes.

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