YouTube is one of the most watched social platforms and YouTubers in India have risen to the occasion and made it their own.

The rise of Indian YouTubers

YouTube is a great invention of mankind and the youth of today were always pro YouTube, but it didn’t take this video platform long to actually become a hit with audience of all ages and eventually become a channel that is a one stop shop of knowledgeable videos to the whole world. It’s now become a habit for us to browse on YouTube and search for videos or any other knowledge on this channel itself.

225M+ Indians regularly use YouTube for entertainment, to gain knowledge and even to simply use it for their everyday activities like tips on cooking and cleaning, and the number is increasing by the day. And now comes the rage of finding the best YouTubers! A YouTuber, is a type of internet celebrity and videographer who are influencing the mass, more and more with each passing day.

Indian YouTuber Bhuvan Bam became the first YouTuber to reach over 10 million subscribers on the video streaming giant. In India, a YouTuber may earn up to, $0.8 per 1000 views with banner ads and $5-$8 per 1000 views with roll out ads, though this may vary. This profession is very much in trend nowadays and the youth is completely attracted with the concept of earning with viral videos.

If the video has some quality content it will definitely click out with the millions of viewers out there and eventually become a viable career to pursue. There are a lot of names in this list – Technical Guruji, Sandeep Maheswari, Carry Minati, Nisha Madhulika and in Bengal Kiran Dutta is one of the famous YouTubers, who has even attended the YTFF this year.

If you are also looking in to becoming a celebrity on YouTube then you should definitely check out what these guys are doing!

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