Read to know the difference between these two colossal crime thrillers, Sacred Games Vs Mirzapur

Sacred Games VS Mirzapur: What’s The Difference?

It is no news that web series fans are kind of boggled with these two crime-thrillers, Sacred Games and Mirzapur. The craze around the two, web series is absolutely worth it though! But what people often ponder about the differences the two, web series have in between. Both the series are based on crime but yet have gotten distinctive storytelling.

Sacred Games is one of the best crime-thriller web series, the series has been extremely intriguing and engaging to watch. Moreover, we loved the way it played around flashbacks and Gaitonde’s story. The whole story revolved around the greatest conspiracy; whose mastermind was someone unexpected, Sartaj Singh being the pioneer of the whole case.

Whereas in Mirzapur, the story revolves around the malicious acts between the mafias. It centred around Kaleen Bhaiya aka Pankaj Tripathi and the mafia wars. It dealt with specifically with crime and was straight cut, unlike Sacred Games. Sacred Games was more mysterious than what Mirzapur was. But Mirzapur had its audience sticks around with a realistic plot.

In short, we loved both the web series, to the core! What do you think?

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