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Let’s find out which of the YouTube musician is your favourite, Shirley Shetia or Jonita Gandhi

Shirley Setia vs Jonita Gandhi: Which YouTube Musician Are You in Love With?

YouTube has given us some of the scintillating musicians with mellifluous voices, two of them are Shirley Shetia and Jonita Gandhi, definitely. Two of them have given us the best times with song covers and music. Both are quite famous and have earned millions of subscribers on their channels. But to decide who is the best and could be our favourite is a hard task to accomplish! So, the call is on you!

Shirley Setia began her career from taking part in a contest, organised by T-series since then she began her career as a singer. Her YouTube song covers are quite of hit numbers amongst her fans and others. She is a New-Zealand based singer and has collaborated with several other artists all across the globe. Today, we have lined up some of her best covers down beneath, listen to them, let us know your views!

On the other hand, Jonita Gandhi is a well-known Bollywood singer, she is based in Canada. She also made her debut as a playback singer in the film Chennai Express, where she has sung the title track of the film. She first performed at a gig in the year 2005 in Toronto. She has worked with some of the best singers and musicians in the Bollywood industry. She also has a steady YouTube channel of her own, which has gotten a massive fan following! We have lined up some of her videos down beneath, check them out!

Don’t forget to let us know of your views in the comments below!

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