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Sunny Leone, one of the most popular people in the country is now making a name for herself in the realm of social media. TikTok to be specific.

Sunny Leone has evolved to be a TikTok star

Sunny Leone (Karenjit Kaur Vohra) is an eminent actress and model in the Indian film Industry. She got married to musician Daniel Weber in the year 2011. She has a huge fan following and her fans shower bountiful love on her.

She is very well recognised as a feminist as she is very close to the movement and has made some great strides in the scene through her involvement in the same. She has tried to eliminate feminism from within and has often succeeded in her quest. But, of course the fight against sexism is not over yet. It still goes on. She deftly uses the social media platforms to spread messages that promote feminism and her beliefs in a very new and natural way.

This kind of usage of social media can only be seen through a veteran in the public forum. And, that kind of brilliance can’t be expected out of anyone else other than someone as popular and expert as, Sunny.

But, she is very well recognised by her fans as a TikTok star. As she should. Her talents are well known by most of us.

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