Producer Vikram Bhatt was left with tears in his eyes recently. Read to know why.

When Twisted 2’s song ‘Ghaav Hain Ghaav Par’ made Vikram Bhatt emotional

The first song of Vikram Bhatt’s Twisted 2, has literally kept the temperatures soaring on the social media platform!!

‘Ghaav Hain Ghaav Par’, the song that sees Niaa Sharma and Rrahul Raj at their sensuous best has been creating waves…

The best part about the song is its lyrics which literally draws our attention towards appreciating it!!

Singer Arnab Datta who won huge praises for his musical numbers in Twisted is back with this soulful number.

We hear that when the lyrics and the initial phrases of the song was being penned down by Shakeel Azmi, there was an emotional moment that caught the attention of one and all present!!

A credible source tells us, “The moment Shakeel Azmi used the phrase ‘Ek Naya Ghaav Hai Phir Ussi Ghaav Par’…. Producer Vikram Bhatt got really emotional. There were tears in his eyes, and this sure was a win-win moment for the entire team of Twisted 2.”

Twisted 2 produced by Loneranger Productions and JioCinema will be streamed on VB on the Web. The series directed by Anupam Santosh Saroj will premiere on 25 April.

Have you felt the magic of this number while you saw the video? Drop in your comments here…

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