Lock Upp episode will see Sara Khan getting upset over Ali Merchant's entry.

After the astounding Judgement Day, the inmates are now concerned because Kangana has altered the dynamics of both teams. In the morning, Nisha and Poonam have a heated argument. “You are a bloody housewife!” yells Poonam. Nisha is taken aback by this remark is enraged, to which Poonam responds. “I said it to myself, not to you!” Later in the day, there was a vigorous debate about the hijab.

Additionally, the inmates started with sharirik shram and a pledge. Then, the inmates had to grind 2 kg of flour from the channa dal provided. Payal was seen directing the team while they completed the task. During the task, Payal, Siddharth, and Babita were the most active members of the right block. Karanvir, Munawar, Shivam, and Poonam were active from the left block. The blue team noticed the orange team was cheating, and an argument ensued; eventually, the orange team won the task.

Lastly, the nominations started with a charge sheet, and Ali was secretly assigned to work as a guard in the yard area during the charge sheet process.

The charge sheet for today was filed into pairs. The pairing was done using a chit system, in which a player from each team chose a chit, and people who chose the same number became a pair. The final pairings were Saisha and Poonam, Siddharth and Shivam, Babita and Munawar, and Sara and Nisha. Kaidi’s who couldn’t reach an agreement nominated themselves as a repercussion. Only Shivam and Siddharth are safe because they nominated Anjali.

The final names on the charge sheet are Poonam, Saisha, Karanvir, Payal, Sara, Nisha, Munawar, and Babita.

Ali entered the house dressed as a guard after the charge sheet playout. He caused a commotion in the Lock Upp house and ordered the inmates to form a line before revealing his identity. Everyone was surprised to see him, but Sara Khan walked away in disgust as soon as Ali unmasked himself.

Will Sara and Ali be able to work out their differences in Lock Upp and rekindle their love?

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