Netflix has released new mobile games, including a League of Legends spinoff.

League of Legends offshoot Hextech Mayhem and idle dungeon crawler Dungeon Dwarves, both available to Netflix users, are now available to download and play. Hextech Mayhem is a “rhythm runner” game from the makers of Bit.Trip Runner, in which the bomb-loving LoL hero Ziggs blasts his way through foes and obstacles to the beat.

Dungeon Dwarves, on the other hand, is a dungeon crawler in which players dig riches with various dwarves, and who mine even while the game isn’t being played. Both titles are free with your (or a friend’s) Netflix subscription and are available on iOS and Android devices. In November of last year, Hextech Mayhem was released on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Netflix has already cooperated with League of Legends producer Riot Games on the LoL animated series Arcane, which has been renewed for a second season. Characters, settings, and concepts (namely Hextech) from Arcane appear in Hextech Mayhem, making the two spinoffs a good match.

Netflix is trying to extend its gaming offerings, announcing last summer that it would continue to expand into the gaming space and provide titles as part of its membership at no additional cost. Night School Studios, the makers of Oxenfree and Afterparty, was recently bought by the firm. It’s simple to damage opponents and alter structures with a Machine Pistol; just keep an eye out for the gun so you can finish it.

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