Raj Varma is popularly known as Snax Gaming, a popular gamer, YouTuber, and eSports player. He is a renowned and talented name in the gaming industry.

Real Life: Raj Varma is also called XO Snax. He was born on 6 December 1999. The gamer is 22 years old. His birthplace is Hyderabad. He is a tall, fair, and fitness freak. He has studied and completed his schooling in Hyderabad. Unfortunately, there are no details available about his family members or relationship status.

Gaming Career: Raj is a popular YouTuber and Gamer. He played in team XO. And slowly and steadily, he gained popularity through his exceptional skill for D-28.

Net Worth: The gamer is quite a big name in the gaming industry, which makes it clear that the earnings figure is huge. He has a massive fan following on all possible social media accounts. He often shares pictures, videos, and other updates on his social media accounts. He earns through eSports, Google Adsense, Endorsements, and others.His YouTube video earns him a lot. However, his estimated net worth is around 8 to 10 crore.

Recently, he appeared at India’s Biggest Gaming Awards presented by IWMBuzz. People are mad about his gaming and live streams.

Source: wargxp

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