All you need to know about your favorite Techno Gamerz is his net worth, Gaming career, and real life. Check out in detail.

The YouTuber Techno Gamerz is popular. On YouTube, he has more than 12 million subscribers. By the way, Techno Gamerz has two YouTube channels. The second channel, with more than 4 million users, is called Ujjwal. In 2022, Techno Gamerz, a YouTube star famed for his GTA 5 gameplays, will be 19 years old. However, his real name is Ujjwal Chaurasia. He and his family are residents of New Delhi. The GTA 5 video game changed this boy’s life.

Techno Gamerz is worth $ 3 million, according to their net worth. He makes money from his two YouTube channels through sponsorships and adverts. With over 40 million people, The YouTube channel is one of the most well-liked gaming channels with many subscribers.

Indian gamer and YouTuber Techno Gamerz is also known as Ujjwal Chaurasia. His channel is regarded as one of the top gaming channels on YouTube due to its excellent content and polished production characteristics. He has been posting videos to his YouTube channel about gaming-related subjects since 2014.

“Snowbros,” which he used to play at his brother’s house, was the first video game he had played. He eventually began playing GTA: Vice City, which he adored since it allowed players to act however they pleased.

At first, he mainly distributed video game instructions. He used to publish recordings from his brother’s phone and was given a strict timetable to ensure that the time he spent studying and playing video games was equal. After one of his early films gained a lot of views, his brother urged him to create others. One of his most well-liked video series was “How to Get PlayStation Games on the Phone.”

His channel was initially promoted on several Facebook and WhatsApp groups. He continued to post videos using his brother’s phone until he had 1000 subscribers. Ujjwal’s persistence paid off when one of his videos went viral. The 250k views of his first well-liked video, which explained how to obtain Dragon Ball Z, helped his channel expand.

There isn’t much information available about Ujjwal’s life outside of his gaming background and his brother’s encouragement for him to pursue YouTube. The names of his relatives, as well as his relationship status, are unknown.

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