IWMBuzz tells you about Nora Fatehi's beauty tips for aspiring actors

Nora Fatehi’s BEAUTY Tips For Aspiring Actors

Nora Fatehi is one name in the Hindi Film Industry who has battled against all kinds of odds to be where she is today. Born in Canada, Nora started dreaming of Bollywood since a very tender age and despite her parents being against her vision, she came all the way from abroad to establish her niche as an artiste. It is to be noted that Nora didn’t get the kind of recognition she would have liked to in the initial days of her career but it was only after her dance performances in songs like Dilbar and O Saki Saki that she was taken seriously by the industry. Her life story is proof of the fact that struggle and self-belief can take you everywhere. But to realize your Bollywood dreams, struggle and determination aren’t enough. Personal grooming is equally important and taking care of your skin, body and hair become a vital part of your life. So today, we bring forward for all you aspiring actors, three beauty hacks coming directly from Nora herself. Check them out –

1) Clear your skin with a purifying cleanser every day

2) Use a ‘Derma Glow Toner’ to keep your skin hydrated and fresh.

3) After that, it’s important to use an ‘Ultra Hydra Serum’ to let your skin breathe.

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