Preetika Rao talks about her fashion and style

Preetika Rao reveals her ‘dress to kill’ on a perfect date

Enchanting beauty Preetika Rao, who first gained name and fame with Beintehaaa and later Love Ka Hai Intezaar, is a style diva.

The actress never fails to make heads turn with her sartorial choices and has also left everyone stunned on many occasions with her forthright attitude.

Preetika makes sure her fashion game on point. She got in a candid chat with for our fun fashion segment and spoke about her fashion and style.

What is #ishtyle for you in one word?


Favourite item in your wardrobe…

My bags! I love bags

What style makes you feel sexy?

A romper put together with a pair of scarpin heels and open hair.

Your fashion inspiration

People with a well-co-ordinated look never fail to inspire me.

What would be your ‘Dressed to Kill’ for a perfect date?

Red dress, red lips, and open hair.

Heels or flats

I would actually prefer wedges

Jackets or hats


Sweatshirts or shirts

Depends on the weather

Indian or western

Western is comfier! My Indian garments get to step out of the wardrobe only during festivals.

Jeans or pyjama

If I am home then pyjamas. Outdoor, denim is a must for me.

Fav Beachwear Fashion?

Shorts paired with a tee, beach slippers paired with a straw hat, and of course my Bvlgari shades

Fashion advise to fans

Buy less but invest in good quality. Indulge in ethical fashion. Leather items are a big no for me.

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