Bhumika Gurung of Nimki Mukhiya gives us her food interests and the recipe of her favourite dish.

Learn to make Rajma Masala in Nimki Mukhiya fame Bhumika Gurung style

Bhumika Gurung the talented actress who rose to fame with her unconventional lead role in Nimki Mukhiya is a foodie to the core.

In a detailed talk with Bhumika talks about her food interests and shares her best recipe too.

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What is your favourite cheat food?


What would your last meal on Earth be?

Rajma chawal

Do you cook at home?


What do you make?


Share a recipe- This is the recipe for Rajma Masala

Soak two small bowls of rajma overnight

We need 2 Finely chopped onions, Cloves of garlic n a little ginger with green chillies (according to taste)paste made in the mixer

Grind 3 tomatoes in the mixer separately

Use 1 1/2 spoon of oil

Put cumin seeds

Then the finely chopped onions

Once they turn pink

Add the ginger-garlic n green chillies paste

Let it get a little brown in colour before you add the tomato puree in it

Once the puree is added, you can add dhaniya powder, one small spoon pinch of haldi, red chilly powder, salt and jeera powder and then the overnight soaked rajma after washing it.

Add water according to the curry quantity. Let it cook for 25mins in slow flame. And once it is done add some finely chopped dhaniya leaves to garnish it

Learn to make Rajma Masala in Nimki Mukhiya fame Bhumika Gurung style 1

Veg or Non Veg?


Baked or fried?


Soup or salad?


One vegetable that you hate the most?

Tinda and ridge gourd

Your erotica food?


The weirdest dish you ever ate?

Besan ka gathha

Celebrity you would love to cook for?

Michele Morrone, I will cook for him for all the 365 days

Midnight snack?

Salt n pepper Makhanas

Your best made delicacy during the lockdown:

I used to have a Continental breakfast every morning. Having a fam full of people who cook really well, I get to eat everything for which we people have to step out.

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