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Read to know the recipe for Christmas cheesecake

Prepare This Perfect Cheesecake For Christmas Festive In Easy Steps

Christmas is all about baking! The festival is everyone’s favourite for its flavourful aromas and tastes. It makes your holidays more precious and delicious! The cakes taste grand, to the infinity. We love to have cakes at this festival. And today, with Christmas knocking, here is the recipe for Cranberry cheesecake!


Cranberry Jam:

fresh cranberries

white granulated sugar

vanilla extract


graham cracker crumbs

brown sugar

butter melted

vanilla extract

Cheesecake Filling:

cream cheese softened

heavy whipping cream

sour cream


vanilla extract

corn starch

white granulated sugar

vanilla bean

White Chocolate Mousse:

white chocolate bars

cream cheese softened

whipped topping

Candied Cranberries: (Optional)

fresh cranberries



sugar or superfine sugar

How to make it:

1. First, sort out your candied cranberries.

2. Next head for the jam, with the ingredients above mentioned under Jam.

3. Then go for the crust.

4. Finally, beat up the cheesecake!

5. Lastly, the white chocolate mousse to top the cake with a whip!

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