The season of merriment comprising the flakes of happiness and bells of cheers has begun. Christmas is here- make your wishes and relax. With Christmas coming on a weekend, many of us are surely going to be in the mood to have a relaxing celebration. Similarly, handsome hunk Karanvir Sharma, who plays the role of Haider in Zee TV’s Rabb Se Hai Dua, is also excited about Christmas.

Karanvir mentioned, “I love the whole vibe of celebrating Christmas with my friends and family. Every year I put up a Christmas tree at home and call my friends over to decorate it. It’s like a little celebration at home to spend time with each other as everyone is busy around the whole year. We also plan Secret Santa sometimes and exchange gifts with each other. This year, I am planning to play secret Santa with my Rabb Se Hai Dua team as well, let’s see how that goes. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Enjoy these last couple of days of the year to the fullest!”

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