Here's how Jennifer Lopez makes her 50s look like 30s putting us all to shame

Revealed! Simple Diet Meal Plan Of Jennifer Lopez

If you have ever envied Jennifer Lopez for her perfectly sculpted body and flawless skin, you are not alone. With her strict diet routine and fitness regime, she has put us all to shame, especially when we get that old age backache being in nothing but the 20s because sitting at a weird position on the couch or bed.

If you ever thought that JLo was blessed with such a fantastic body and her genes doing the work, you are wrong! There were innumerable hours used in the gym following a strict diet plan. Yes, to all those numerous dedicated hours that she still practices is what keeps her looking like a goddess of youth in her 50s. Here is her diet plan for us to follow and try and get something near and as fit as JLo.

Revealed! Simple Diet Meal Plan Of Jennifer Lopez 1

Besides burning your calories, maintaining a diet is equally essential.

Jennifer Lopez starts her day with a shake and go-to smoothie. She has switched her caffeine to decaf and stays hydrated.

Revealed! Simple Diet Meal Plan Of Jennifer Lopez 2

As lunch is an essential part after breakfast, Jennifer opts for veggies salad and salmon. She majorly stays away from processed foods and opts highly for organic that is her source of nutrients. She gets her proteins from egg whites, turkey meat, chicken breast, fish, and also a handful of nuts. These things are her go-to whenever having cravings.

Besides having a handful of nuts throughout the day, JLo also had fruits and veggies break throughout the day. Healthy snacking can keep you away from all the junk cravings.

Dinner must always be had the earliest possible. Jennifer Lopez has her dinner with her kids around 6:30 pm. She usually goes for a small portion of protein with more carbs and veggies.

No matter how strict one is with diet, there is always a weak spot. And that is for dessert; we all have our guilty pleasure. For Jennifer Lopez, she has a soft place when it comes to Chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate chip cookies.

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