Workout moves to reduce belly fat post-pregnancy

10 Best Post-Pregnancy Workout Moves To Reduce Belly Fat

Losing weight after pregnancy isn’t that easy. You need to work out to lose belly fats and weight.

Women put on up to 8 to 15 kg of weight during pregnancy. But it is important to return to the healthy weight after delivery.

Some workout tips:-

1. Walking.

2. Basic stretching and twisting.

3. Pelvic exercises.

4. Bridging exercises.

5. Hip exercises.

6. Sit-ups.

7. Yoga.

8. Pilates.

9. Aerobics training.

10. Abdominal exercises.

Check with your doctor once before starting any workout program after delivery, because every pregnancy and delivery is different.

If you experience soreness, heavy bleeding or headache stop immediately and take advice from your doctor.

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