Aasim Khan who made his TV debut recently with the show on Dangal, Dalchini, gets talking about his life, in our Rapid Fire segment at IWMBuzz.com. Read here.

Whenever I am free, you will find me in the gym: Aasim Khan

Aasim Khan recently made his debut on TV with the show Dalchini. He plays the role of Deepak in the show. Earlier he appeared in many music videos like Haye Re. He was also seen in the film Delusion Of Doubles directed by Ayush Gupta.

In a candid chat with IWMBuzz.com, Aasim takes our Rapid Fire questions.

Read here.

Are you a tattoo person?

No, I am not a tattoo person, but I got my ears pierced!

If you could be from any other era, what would it be?

If I could be, I would have loved to be a part of Dilip Kumar’s era, the cinema was very different and that point in time, with the finest actors our industry ever had.

If you had a superpower, what would you have been?

Superpower would definitely be to stop injustice happening around the world, and not let people suffer. Make this world a peaceful place and be Superman!

Would you date a fan?

I will not mind dating a fan, but she should be in love with the real-life Aasim and of course, should be well-educated!

Do you sing in the shower? Is there a favourite song there?

I am a big-time bathroom singer- and my all-time favourite is Chand taare tod laun.

Any wild dream you have seen?

No wild dreams as such, but yes some movies like 365 days do make you think of multiple things.

Your biggest or weirdest fear:

My fear, ummm. I actually don’t fear anything but sometimes I do fear heights.

Your dream destnation:

My Dream destination, is Istanbul for sure, in love with that place and I am going there too soon!

Your favourite past time:

Whenever I am free, you will find me in the gym, or eating something delicious.