Here are the pros and cons of Apple cider vinegar!

Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good For Health: Know Its Pros & Cons

Apple cider vinegar has created a great stand nowadays with respect to its uses and benefits. Apple cider vinegar is nothing but apple juice, added with yeast to make it alcoholic using the process of fermentation. Bacteria turns the alcohol into acetic acid. This vinegar has a sour taste and a strong pungent smell.

Apple cider vinegar is a well-known kitchen remedy for many external as well as internal ailments, it is used to treat sore throat and varicose veins. Researchers found out that drinking apple cider vinegar might help fight obesity and excess fat in the body. It is also found out that it improves blood sugar and insulin levels.

Here are few pros of including apple cider vinegar in everyday diet

It has probiotic potential, it’s gut-friendly bacteria has the potential to improve your digestion and keep things running smoothly. The healthy bacteria in the ACV work to fight any harmful bacteria in the stomach and neutralise excess acid.

It is a good Immune system supporter. ACV does wonder for your immune system. Studies have shown that good gut health and a strong immune system go hand in hand for a good healthy body. It controls Blood sugar levels. Several studies have reported good sugar controlling units. ACV may have the potential to lower blood glucose levels and prevent blood sugar spikes.

Overall ACV is a safe add-on to a healthy diet, however, as with any supplemental food, there are few cons for it as well.

Due to its high acid content, it can erode your tooth enamel if consumed every day. Make sure you dilute it with lots of water and drink water after taking the ACV shot. You could also choose to put it into your food preparations (such as dressing or in marinades or sauce ingredient) rather than drinking it. This will reduce the risk of tooth decay.

It has the potential to worsen acid reflux in the body, as it’s a highly acidic drink. People with existing digestive problems should consult a doctor before adding ACV to their diet.

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