Try these Beauty, Fitness and Diet Plans Of Sunny Leonne

Beauty, Fitness and Diet Plans Of Sunny Leonne

We all have seen Sunny Leone’s dance performance in Laila Main Laila. Along with being an amazing actor she is also known for her fitness and beauty.

So, here’s her diet plan as per reports in media:

  1. She is a coffee lover and starts her day with coffee.
  2. She avoids junk and oily food items.
  3. Sunny eats only healthy food items.
  4. She eats fruits whenever hungry.
  5. Her breakfast includes egg whites, toasts and a glass of fresh milk to keep her energetic.
  6. Sunny opts chicken with veggies salad and sometimes fish.
  7. She intakes 100 calorie snacks before meals to avoid over-eating.

Going on for her fitness tips:-

  1. She spends time in gym twice or thrice a week and is quite serious about gymming.
  2. She does 45 minutes of cardio exercises to keep herself in shape.
  3. Sunny does squats, lunges, push-ups to strengthen her legs and lower body.
  4. Sunny does boxing to keep herself in shape and to strengthen her upper body, and keep her stomach toned and flat.
  5. She begins her day with 20 minutes of walk.

Know the secret behind her beauty:-

  1. Sunny drinks a lot of water to keep her skin hydrated, glowing and healthy.
  2. Don’t use cleansers with harsh scrubs that will harm your skin.
  3. Always wash your face before going to bed.
  4. She believes that for every skin problem, Aloe vera will be an effective solution.

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