Rohit Choudhary who is entertaining masses with his cool-dude avatar in Zee TV’s Brahmarakshas in the role of Robin is a fitness freak to the core.

In a candid talk with, Rohit talks of his fitness routines and interests.

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Cheat Food: 

I never have such cheat food cravings. So no cheat food

Favourite Exercise:


Fruits or juices:

Fruits always

Brahmarakshas 2 fame Rohit Choudhary shares his tip for everyday fitness 1

Stairs or lift:


Your best morning routine will comprise of:

1 liter water with green veggies juice

Your favourite lockdown exercise:

 Yoga and meditation

Yoga or weights: 

I love both

Walking or jogging:

Walking, lot of times, I even avoid my car and go by walking to nearby places

Your take on health supplements:

Try to be on natural diet. And if you are taking supplements, make sure you have proper knowledge about them.

Best way to burn calories:

Eat healthy and maintain your calorie count

One tip for everyday fitness:

Exercise is 20% and diet is 80%. So always take care of your diet. Drink lots of water everyday. And make sure you do little exercise daily.