Choti Sarrdaarni actor Hitesh Bhardwaj talks about his fitness choices.

Choti Sarrdaarni fame Hitesh Bhardwaj shares his best fitness tips

Hitesh Bhardwaj the talented and good-looking actor is making heads turn with his emotional portrayal of the lover boy Manav in Colors’ popular show Choti Sarrdaarni.

Hitesh who aims for high levels of fitness gets into a conversation on his fitness choices and favourite exercises.

Check them here:

Cheat Food:

Ice-cream, I love it a lot. I simply cannot avoid eating ice-creams

Favourite Exercise:


Fruit or juices:

Fruits, of course

Stairs or Lifts:

Lift, I reside in the 23rd floor (smiles)

Your best morning routine will comprise of:

I prefer to start my day by going to the terrace and seeing the sun. I love to sit calmly at a place listening to music for a while

Your favourite lockdown exercise:

Pull-up, push-up, running

Yoga or weights:


Walking or jogging:


Choti Sarrdaarni fame Hitesh Bhardwaj shares his best fitness tips 1

Your take on health supplements:

I take Protein Powder as I need it after the exercise I do. Basically, the need differs from one individual to another

Best way to burn calories:

One should never sit idle. Keep doing something and that will burn calories. Also, with breathing exercises too, one can burn calories

One tip for everyday fitness:

I believe in ‘Samyak Bhojan’. One needs to have healthy and timely food. For fitness, food is really important. 50 percent is all about what you eat, 25 percent is about sleeping and the rest is for workout.

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