Shraddha Musale who was seen in CID talks of her fitness interests.

CID fame Shraddha Musale shares her tip for everyday fitness

Shraddha Musale the talented actress who played the role of Dr Tarika in CID is known for her power-packed portrayals in the TV, web and film circuits.

Shraddha is extremely particular about maintaining high levels of fitness and works towards achieving perfection.

In a heart-warming chat with, Shraddha Musale talks of her fitness interests.

Check them out!!

Cheat Food:

I just love breads. Toasted bread with lot of Amul Butter, with sweet Chai is my absolute cheat food. Basically, I love carbs in any forms. Pastries is also one thing I love

Favourite Exercise:

Weights. I am absolutely a weights person.

Fruit or Juices:

Absolutely juices. I am a little lazy on fruits

CID fame Shraddha Musale shares her tip for everyday fitness 1

Stairs or Lift:

Stairs only if it is till the 3rd or 4th floor. Otherwise, lift

Your best morning routine will comprise of:

The first thing in the morning, I meditate for 25 minutes. I then write my gratitude note. I later write my To-Do list of the day.

Your favourite lockdown exercise:

Tabata Workout

Yoga or weights:

Well, it will be a combination of Yoga and Weights

Walking or jogging:

Mainly walking, but jogging in between

Your take on health supplements:

I used to take it on and off. I am ok with taking it whenever needed

Best way to burn calories:

Cardio, that is running

One tip for everyday fitness:

Suryanamaskaar. For me, it will be less sugar consumption

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