Here is a detailed account of John Abraham's diet to have this great body.

John Abraham the talented Bollywood actor has the best of physique and has maintained his fitness levels to reach high calibres. He has been working on his body for years, and his regimented lifestyle is not a closed book of secrets anymore. He has often talked about his lifestyle and the amount of workout e gives his body and also about the kind of diet he takes.

A report on talked about it and we take reference from that story for our write up here.

Seeing his beefy body one may think that he may have a diet programme involving large quantities of food consumption. Contrary to the opinion, he eats small portions of protein-rich foods to keep him going through the day. As per the GQ India report, the actor revealed to a leading daily in 2016 that he eats eight meals throughout the day and these are not lavish feasts.

John is big on snacking and eats throughout the day but categorically avoids oily snacks. He keeps dry fruits handy. Unlike other Bollywood stars, he doesn’t smoke, drinks – or eat sugar.

John trains like a beast. His trainer Vinod Channa once gave a peek into the fitness regime that John religiously follows. As per The Free Press Journal report, Channa said, “I have been training John since the film, Force. He has a body type called the Endo Meso, which would mean that he is a mixture of the Endomorph and Mesomorph types of bodies. For these kinds of body types, it is easy to gain fat and muscles, but tough to lose them easily. But for every ten kilos of fat, you add three kilos of muscle. Having said that, he is someone who always works hard on his body for various films. Since I have a certification in 16 types of training, we always use permutations and combinations of different things — from Calisthenics to parkour, animal flow to even stick mobility — and work on a complete workout.”

Vinod Channa further explains, “There are times when he has shot for around 16 hours and he has still managed to hit the gym after that. That is the kind of dedication he has. He schedules his time so that he can either come late at night or early in the morning depending on his shootings and work commitments. When he is in Mumbai, he is at the gym six days a week. He does cardio exercises and spends an entire day working on his back and strengthening his core muscles. A day is allocated for shoulder muscles and biceps and he keeps increasing the intensity of these exercises depending on the nature of the physique he needs to build for his films.”

John Abraham is also a cyclist and likes to keep his workout as natural as possible. Talking to the Times of India, the Attack actor said, “I am an outdoor person. I enjoy simple things like rock climbing, lifting sandbags and flipping tyres. I paddle regularly. If I can’t go outdoors, I clock in my miles on the cycling machine at home. I cover 10 miles a day to burn around 300 to 400 calories. Average Indian men tend to ignore their legs. You’ll always see a great upper torso but weak legs. Cycling helps strengthen your entire body, including your quadriceps, hamstrings, abductors and calves. It might seem difficult to begin cycling, but once you get started, it turns into an addiction. I also make use of various apps to keep track of my heart rate, calorie intake etc. Apart from cycling, I am also into running, brisk walking and CrossFit.”

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