Kareena Kapoor is the real fitness enthusiast in B-town. The star consistently shares glimpses from her training diaries on her Instagram profile. Kareena’s Instagram feed is a goldmine of fitness inspiration, from her flawless execution of challenging exercises to demonstrating how to remain fit and embrace your body and mind during a meditation session. The actress inspires us again with her flexible Chakrasana pose, which she shared on Instagram. Take a look below.

Kareena Kapoor’s Chakrasana Pose-

Her Instagram clearly shows that Kareena loves doing a yoga pose called Chakrasanas. In her most recent post, she demonstrated her mastery of this pose. Wearing a backless, sleeveless, pink bralette and black, neon green, and blue tight, high-waisted leggings, she skillfully raised her body by stretching her hands on the purple blocks and legs on a yoga mat. Bebo performed the pose flawlessly under the direction of fitness instructor Anushka.

Kareena Kapoor Shows Off Her Flexibility With Perfect 'Chakrasana' Pose for a Healthy Start 891467

She captioned her post, “Yoga for me… Crew for you💁🏻‍♀️😉 #ChakrasanaSeries.”

Chakrasana Pose Benefits-

Chakrasana, also known as Wheel Pose, is a powerful yoga asana. It rejuvenates the heart and boosts blood circulation to organs and tissues. This pose can lead to a significant reduction in blood pressure, cholesterol, and inflammation. Moreover, it enhances flexibility, strengthens the spine, and promotes overall physical and mental well-being.

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