Monalisa of Nazar gives her fitness choices and gives good tips on how to keep one’s mind and body fit.

Positive mindset is got when you workout daily: Monalisa of Nazar

Monalisa the Daayan of Nazar has enthralled one and all with her captivating and intriguing presence in the show. Her seductive ways of seeking revenge in the show have been wonderful, and one must compliment the way she has taken care of her body to look the role she played.

Monalisa is a fitness freak and loves to work out in her own style to keep her body in shape.

In a candid talk for our Fitness segment at, Monalisa unleashes her fitness secrets and we are glad to have this on record.

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Cheat Food: Pani Puri, Sev Puri, Dahi Puri

Favourite Exercise: There are many actually… Jumping Jacks, Squats, Squat Jumps, (All 3 Sets 60 each), Plank (Different Style) without stopping, Burpees etc 

Fruit or juices: Juices … I love sweet lime, orange and watermelon juice. I prefer making juices rather than having the fruits except for banana… banana I eat

Stairs of lift: Stairs…. trust me, I don’t like to wait for the lift. It happens many times that the lift takes time to come, and I immediately rush take the stairs. I reside on the 13th floor (smiles)

Your best morning routine will comprise of:

If I have a shoot call time I freshen up, do Puja at home, and drive down to my shoot. If I am not shooting I still get up early, freshen up, do Puja, then do Anulom Bilom n Kapalbhati yoga. This is how I start my day. I later have breakfast, watch the morning news… and of course, check my Instagram

Positive mindset is got when you workout daily: Monalisa of Nazar 1

Your favourite lockdown exercise: 

Favourite Lockdown exercise mostly is Intense Cardio and Exercise in a Dancing way, because I love to dance

 Yoga Or Weights: 

I prefer Yoga than weights

 Walking or Jogging: 

Jogging… But as a beginner, one should start with walking, and then slowly increase stamina and start jogging

 Your take on health supplements:

 I don’t take health supplements at all because I believe in natural things. I take vitamins. That’s necessary for one’s body

 Best way to burn calories: 

Best way to burn calories is workout, workout and repeat. But one should do proper workout under someone’s guidance. That’s because if you are doing it wrong, it won’t help and there is a fear that you might get hurt

 Your tip for everyday fitness:

It is difficult to give just one tip for fitness actually. But I would say that first, you have to have a very positive mind. Then only you will get that energy and that stamina. So think positive, its not only about cutting down your extra calories but one should also workout every day for keeping your mind fresh and stay away from illness.

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