Young and talented Sahil Anand, who impressed viewers in movies like Student of the Year and Babloo Happy Hai, is a fitness freak to the core. And whenever he has time on hand, he does not miss out on hitting the gym and working on his body.

From his style to his smile, everything about this man is drooling worthy. He can go make any girl go weak on their knees. In a fun fitness segment, the actor revealed his workout routine, cheat food and more

What is your cheat food?

I have a sweet tooth and delicious Indian sweets are my weakness and also Butter Chicken.

Favourite exercise?

Strength training

Your best morning routine will comprise of

Starting off with a healthy and delicious breakfast, listening to some great music and just breathing in the fresh morning breeze

Fruits or juices?


Stairs or lift?

Lift, I would let the gym take care of toning my legs.

Your favourite lockdown exercise:

Since my gym is still not open, I have been working out at home using my own bodyweight.

Yoga Or Weights


Walking or Jogging


Your take on health suppliments

Suppliments are great to help fuel a power-packed workout session.

Best way to burn calories

Clean diet and running

One tip for everyday fitness

Keep yourself active, workout at least four times a week and eat clean. One doesn’t have to go out of their way to stay fit. A disciplined routine is key.