Versatile actor Sahil Khattar who has recently engaged masses in projects like ’83, 200 Halla Ho etc, is gearing up for his next web project Bajao which will launch on Jio Cinema. Sahil has been working a lot on his fitness and physique for this role in Bajao, that has required him to work out in the gym and hold on to his diet restrictions.

In his candid chat with, Sahil talks about his fitness secrets and more.

Read on.

Cheat Food:

My cheat food includes Choley Bature, Butter Naan, and Alu ke Tikke. But these days I don’t have the liberty to cheat. Have been following a very strict diet from the time the shooting for my series Bajao began.

Favourite Exercise:

I love working out with weights. To be precise I love doing chest exercises, and the stiffness that I feel on my chest after working out on it. Chest muscles are very prominent and everyone tends to look at them. Also, when you are undergoing a physical transformation I feel the chest is the crown of the body.

The purpose of exercise for you is:

My purpose for exercising for the past 1 year has been for my character in my upcoming series Bajao on Jio Cinema. If it would not have been for work I would only have kept myself fit. Nothing beyond this, I am a lazy bum.

Fruit or juices:

I prefer juices and not fruits. Mainly because it hardly takes any time to gulp down juices and fruits take time. And for me time is money.

Stairs or lift:

Any day lift. I hate cardio exercises.

Your best morning routine will comprise of:

The best morning routine for me is having chai but during the entire last year chai has been replaced with juice. It is mostly pineapple juice as it keeps my gut healthy. It also takes care of the fat quotient in the body and helps in detoxification.

Your favourite lockdown exercise:

Honestly, I have not worked out during lockdown. So I can’t comment. All I did during lockdown was to eat.

Yoga Or Weights:

Weights any time. I have a high metabolic rate and because of that, I need to be on a gaining diet to maintain.

Walking or Jogging:

I would rather love to play football. With this I can walk, I can jog and also have fun with cardio.

Your take on health supplements:

I feel it is essential for good results. I mean this is a blessing for actors who have a real shortage of time. Supplements make a huge difference in the performance and quality of muscles.

Best way to burn calories:

Best way to burn calories is in circuit training. It is one of the best ways that has worked for me.

Your take on six-pack abs:

Why nott!!!!! I’m already on my way to getting it soon.

Any personal goals in mind with regards to fitness:

No goals as such. Just want to look and feel fit.

One tip for everyday fitness:

One should inculcate it in their lives in some or the other capacity.