Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley and their love story revealed.

How Did Margot Robbie Fall In Love With Tom Ackerley?

Margot Robbie who was shooting for the series Suite Francaise in the year 2013, got friendly with her crew unit, in which Ackerley was one of the Assistant Directors.

Later, Margot Robbie had to share her apartment in London, with her crew members and Ackerley was again one of them.

Their friendship blossomed and this was when they confessed their feelings of love. But they decided to keep it a secret and did not reveal it to the friends living with them under the same roof. This started the cute love story that is now marital bliss for them.

In 2016, they got married and announced it to the world.

The Instagram post of Robbie confirmed the news wherein she held her hand showing her ring finger and her wedding band. It also had Robbie and Ackerley sharing a kiss.

That was a sweet union of the two of them!!

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