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Margot Robbie and her love life are talked about here.

Margot Robbie And Her Love Life

Margot Robbie the Australian actress has garnered great acclaim both commercially and critically for her performances. Her portrayals in films Mary Queen of Scots, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Bombshell, About Time and many others are priceless gems in her profile.

The actress has received many prestigious nominations for her performances. She was renowned to be one of the highest paid actresses too in Hollywood.

Well, Margot Robbie’s love life has been eventful. She was working for the film Suite Francaise in 2013 when she got really friendly with people in the crew.

Later, when Robbie was looking for a place to live in as she was not from London, she had to share the apartment with many working with her. And one of them was Assistant Director Tom Ackerley who later went on to become her husband.

Their friendship did bloom but it was more than being just friends. However, they kept their love life hidden from the others in the house till they were sure about their togetherness.

The couple finally married in the year 2016 in Australia.

Three cheers to their friendship and love!!

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